Best Free Android Apps in 2018

Android is popular among a large number of individuals due to a large number of applications available over its platform. It is having a robust platform which is useful for running a number of applications which we require for performing certain work. Each of these applications is developed for the purpose of Android App Development. The ecosystem which is developed by this platform is also robust in nature which is bringing a large number of developers to this platform.

Each of the application is developed for performing a certain function. One should go through a number of applications performing similar operations for selecting the best alternative from them. It will help you to opt for the right alternative from the list of available applications performing a similar job. As it turns out to be cumbersome to try all the applications one can take a decision based on the reviews which they are getting for any of the application.

Free Android applications available in 2018

There are a number of applications available in 2018. We have created a list of most desirable applications over here after using them to provide you with the best alternative from the available applications. You can go through this comprehensive list of applications and make your own choice of the application based on your own requirement.

  1. 1Weather: This application is most suitable to get all the weather data on the go over your device. Some of the feature included in the application include current conditions, forecasts, predictions and many more. Each of these facilities available in the application will make your task easier of selecting this application.
  2. AppLock: It will provide you with the feature of locking the applications which you are using. One can use this application to lock their applications so that other eyes can’t see them. Even it will help you to keep safe your important data which you have stored in various applications which you are using in your device.
  3. Blue Mail: If you are using mail constantly by performing various communication then this application will help you to make the communication simpler. Even it features a calendar where you can set various reminders for a specific task. The application is also having a colour coding for marking a certain communication so that you are able to properly arrange all the communication.
  4. Credit Karma: Select this application, if you are having many of the financial transactions to manage. It will even help you to effectively manage your credit score so that you don’t face any of the problems regarding manage your cash and investments which you are doing at various locations. Even the application is having the benefit of letting you know if someone else has opened your account and stolen your details. This will greatly help you in terms of the security.
  5. Feedly: News is an important part where you can get all the latest updates going on in the world. This application will also allow you to follow the RSS feed of many of the news categories which will provide you news which is filtered based on categories. Even the application is completely free and is quite easy to be used as your best news application.
  6. GBoard: It is the official Keyboard application for Google. This application will help you to have a gesture typing, emoji support, voice typing and many more. Each of these benefits is useful for ensuring that we are able to effectively type with this keyboard in our device.


Thus, we can say that there are a number of applications available for Android which can help you to perform your desired task. Each of these tasks is useful for making you more productive and keep you updated with the latest information going on in the world.

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